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04.10.2012: the workshop on the BOINC system. Reports:
1. "the BOINC area: problems and plans" by E. Ivashko
2. "Job scheduling in BOINC" by N. Nikitina
3. "Rendering of animation and 3D-effects in a BOINC grid" by O. Petrina
4. "Infrastructure for BOINC-based research" by A. Chuharev

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ftp access to the data storage system disabled

Due to changes in the security policy the port 21 (ftp) has been disabled on the computer cluster. The scp access is available for data copying to and from the cluster, as well as the WWW access

GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library now available

GMP library is now available at the cluster. GMP (the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library) is the free open source library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers. GMP is part of the GNU project and is distributed under the GNU LGPL. The main target applications for GMP are cryptography applications and research, Internet security applications, algebra systems, computational algebra research, etc.

User guide for Git (version control system) available

Section "For users" now contains the short user guide for the version control system Git

WWW access to the data storage system

WWW interface to the data storage system is now available in the test mode at

New resource manager SLURM

In order to make the resources of the cluster more available, the resource manager has been changed. User guide for SLURM (in Russian) can be found in the "For users" section. For troubleshooting please contact the support

Limits on the number of launched tasks

Beginning from 02.02.2011 each user can launch not more than 3 tasks, occupying in total not more than 8 nodes; additionally, each user can launch 8 single-processor tasks.

Students that study parallel programming and use the cluster for practice can launch not more than 3 tasks under the time limit of 5 hours. These tasks in total cannot occupy more than 2 nodes (16 processors).

New IP address of the computer cluster

Beginning from 29.11.2010 the external IP address of the computer cluster is From the LAN of KRC RAS it is still available at

News broadcasting

All users of the computer cluster of KRC RAS have been included to the mailing list of news broadcasting of the Center for collective use of KRC RAS. The news are also available at this page (the "News" section). To unsubscribe please send a message to with the subject "Unsubscribe".

Boost C++ libraries available

Libraries Boost C++ are available at the computer cluster, including Boost::MPI that simplifies sending the classes and standard templates of the STL.

Intel Cluster Ready Certificate

26.08.2009 the computer cluster of KRC RAS was certified as an Intel Cluster Ready system. The preparative work was done together with
Joint Moscow State University and Intel center, T-Platforms Group, and Institute of Applied Mathematical Research of KRC RAS.